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MakeUp Tips

Make Up Tips are useful techniques people can be taught by make up artists, read about in magazines and books or picked up from casual conversations when girlies get together and gossip about all things make up!!

Everyone who is into their Make up usually will have a make up tip(or two!) to share with their friends. Its trial and error! With new beauty products on the market each week everyone will have a different opinion over which face cream makes you look younger, which lipstick gives you the perfect sexy pout and which foundation brand will really hide all our blemishes and flaws!

There are common make up tips you read about in most fashion magazines. Use a foundation brush when applying the product, apply fake lashes over existing lashes for bigger eyes and fluttering long lashes, exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush so they stay soft! and so it goes on!

Its amazing how Celebrities can have such an influence over someones choice of make up or belief of a new make up tip! If a celebrity speaks to a journalist about their top make up tip of how they make their skin glow……or rather how their make up artist makes it glow, you can guarantee a large percentage of people will believe it and go and purchase the make up stated!

Make up tips and tricks will always be updated , fresh new ideas surface everyday as well as the good old fashioned tips in our grandmothers eras! We can all teach people a new make up tip….and most probably claim it as our own!!!!

If you want to make it a career there are numerous make up schools out there where you can be learning tips all day long and inspire other make up lovers in the world with new advice.A whole wealth of make up knowledge can be yours.Enjoy learning more make up tips!