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Foundation MakeUp

Foundation MakeUp

The essence to gorgeous beautiful make up must start with the base – the foundation!   By choosing the correct shade of foundation and quality most suited to your skintone, you can achieve flawless healthy looking skin.

Too often when a client sits in the make up chair and we hear the familiar comments…..’I never wear foundation….I don’t want it to look too thick….I never choose the right shade!’ etc   The list is endless…….

Ten minutes later they see for themselves how important the correct foundation makeup is as a canvas for their other make up and how gorgeously glowing and bright they now appear.

Don’t even think about applying your blusher without a foundation.  Laying powders onto bare skin can be drying, ageing and the opposite to flawless!

If you want flawless coverage then it starts with the foundation….and no, it needn’t be thick or too orange, too pale, streaky and unnatural.

There is a product to suit everyone. It’s all about trying and testing the foundation makeup which best suits you and your lifestyle!

We love a liquid foundation.  Sheer, illuminating and smooth!  Who doesnt want a natural glow!  There is no need to feel caked. A good quality liquid will cover up the blemishes and leave you with amazing results.

If you are prone to hot flushes or greasy skin then it may be that a mineral make up powder foundation will ease off the shine and stay put for hours!  A creme foundation stick is also a popular choice. Shaped like a lipstick it is creamy in its consistency and hides away neatly in the handbag. Great for busy ladies on the move who need to refresh on the go!  No messy leaky bottles to deal with!

Applying Foundation Makeup

When applying foundation makeup, we recommend a foundation brush.  Its a winner everytime.  The product glides on effortlessly and the brush will be the best ‘make up’ investment you will make!  No more messy fingers and no dirty sponges which can be unhygenic. By using a brush you can build up the product and blend it evenly into the skin.

So how do you choose the right shade?  Test a tiny amount of the product on the jawline. Whilst you shouldnt see an obvious dark line you also can afford to go a shade warmer than your natural skintone. We tend to have slightly more colour on our neck and decollage area.

Foundation makeup is the desert island must have!  We wouldn’t even think about applying blusher without sorting out the client’s skintone first.  So, enhance your natural beauty and achieve gorgeous results with foundation makeup – everytime!!

Sexy Smokey Eye Make Up

The number one step to exciting smoky eyes is…. naturally enough, eyeliner.

You’ll be able to use either a pencil or a liquid for this technique. We advise a fine-drawn line in preferably a dark colour, following along the top lash line.

Then add a little liner underneath the eye in the outer corner. Unless you’re blessed with gorgeous large eyes, do not ring the eye with liner, as this makes the eyes appear much smaller – not so sexy!.

Remember that lighter colours will produce fullness and highlight an area, while darker colours will create depth.

Start with a medium-tone shadow on the lid, then a dark-toned shadow on the outer corners of the lid.

A fainter shadow could be used directly underneath the brow as a highlighter.

Experiment with different colours and applications – and – here’s a golden tip – take a photo of each result so you can compare and critique at leisure.

Lipstick Revealed

What gremlins could there possibly be in lippie?

Loads is the answer – and the most worrying is Polymenthyl Methacrylate. In basic terms this is a transparent thermoplastic which is used extensively as an alternative to glass – in such things as motorcycle helmet visors, hard contact lenses and dentures.

However, it has been linked with cancer and allergies and it’s something that I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on in the future.

PS Just seen…

In Wiki, someone has asked “What ingredients there are in L’Oreal lipstick?” …. and here’s the answer..

Lanolin oil, sesame seed oil, oleyl erucate, microcrystalline wax, PPG-5 lanolin wax, acetylated lanolin, beeswax, disteardimonium hectorite, fragrance, tocopheryl acetate, rose canina fruit oil, calcium aluminum borosilicate, silica, arginine PCA, BHT, BHA, geraniol, hexyl cinnamal, hydroxycitronellal, calcium sodium borosilicate, synthetic fluorphlogopite, methyl-2 octynoate, polyethylene terephthalate, polymethyl methacrylate. May Contain: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, red 7, red 28 lake, yellow 6 lake, red 22 lake, bismuth oxychloride, yellow 5 lake, carmine, blue 1 lake

Dangerous Eye Shadow

Most eyeshadows contain chemicals. Some contain over 20 chemicals! Sure, most are in minute traces and are relatively harmless – but – there are some to be wary of.

The most worrying is Polythylene terephthalate – (what a mouthful). Without being a scientist, it’s difficult to cut through the manufacturer’s hype and establish if you’re using a product that has sinister implications.

Wiki says “Polyethylene terephthalate (sometimes written poly(ethylene terephthalate)), commonly abbreviated PET, PETE, or the obsolete PETP or PET-P), is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is used in synthetic fibers; beverage, food and other liquid containers; thermoforming applications; and engineering resins often in combination with glass fiber.

Depending on its processing and thermal history, polyethylene terephthalate may exist both as an amorphous (transparent) and as a semi-crystalline material…….”

And from what we’ve read about this, the possible side effects include….link to cancer, infertility and hormonal disruptions…not pleasant for us gals!

We’ll keep this issue on our radar and let you know what we find – meanwhile, if you have any light to throw on this subject, please let us know


Make Up Costs

Many of my clients seem to remember the advertising blurb about products – ” It gives flawless skin and lasts for 24 hours” or whatever. They really need to do their research! These advertising guys are simply that – they do a great job in convincing folk to buy – based on (sometimes) total hype. Many, many products do exactly what they say on the tin, but there are also lots that don’t!

My golden rules include – ignore the glossy box – look at the ingredients. Google the ingredients. If OK, then try the product and keep notes on how easy it was to use, how it lasted, how it felt etc.

Then try another (similar) product and again, take notes. You soon build up a core list of make up that suits you and is in the price bracket you’re comfortable with.

Don’t be an ad guys dream!

MakeUp – Getting the Right Product

Make Up is primarily used to enhance or improve one’s personal appearance. It is amazing how a persons facial features can appear to dramatically change if make up is applied correctly. It really is true how a lady can look years younger by using just a few products on her skin!

The makeup industry is vast and there are a multitude of products to suit all skin types and problems. The secret to getting the right product for you is to do your research – has the product been out for a while – check the reviews etc. And then you can look in detail at the active ingredients in the products that you are interested in – it’s surprising how the costs vary when the ratio of active ingredients changes!

There are numerous products on the market, the biggest selling being in the beauty cosmetics industry where make up is seen as a tool to make someone look and feel beautiful. From glosses to blushers, mascaras to foundations, cosmetics is big business. Even in times of economic down turn a lady will always find a little money to buy herself a lipstick! Its the feel good factor through and through!!! and the cleverly designed, beautiful packaging can also have an alluring effect on make up junkies throughout the world!

Aside from beauty there are lots of other uses and needs for make up. Its popular for fancy dress to create fictional characters,animals or blood and gore! It is also used by people who have been disfigured to camouflage their burns, scars or birthmarks.

Finally, don’t think of cosmetics being just for women………Mens cosmetics are on the increase with many brands opting for mens ranges to satisfy the growing trend for men to look groomed.

So whether you need to update your look, dazzle on a night out, paint your kid as a tiger or fake a black eye! There will most definitely be a make up product out there for you!