Applying Make Up

Sad to say but we meet many ladies, young and old, who have been using the wrong makeup, applying it badly and in the wrong order.

(And doesn’t that have a ring of the old Morecambe & Wise classic line to Andre Previn of ‘I’ve been paying all the right notes – but not necessarily in the right order’ – apologies to you young ladies who won’t know what we’re referring to!)

Not to mention spending fortunes on expensive products that, very often, are simply a waste of money.

Applying Make Up correctly is a technique. And learning how to do it correctly is priceless for ladies who want to look sensational without spending lots of money, and lots of time in front of a mirror!

Look at this way ladies – the guys think nothing of going to the golf pro for six lessons to sort out their putting technique – so I reckon the gals are entitled to invest in looking good!

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