Make Up Tips

Check out these great, free make up tips from some of our professional make up artists……

The Right Foundation

The very first step in your make-up routine is applying foundation. If your foundation is not right for your skin tone, the rest of your make-up will just look tacky. So it is very important to get this step right! Here are some tips to help you choose the right foundation for your skin. Make up tips for choosing the right foundation.

Sexy, Smoky Eyes

There is no make up look sexier then dark, smokey eyes. It just screams glamour! Every woman should learn to create this look for those special occasions when you truly must have the ‘wow’ factor. Keep the focus of attention on your dark smoldering eyes and down play the rest of your make-up with sheer and natural shades. Add a nude shade of glossy lipstick and you will be irresistible. Make up tips for that sexy, smoky eye look!

In the Pink!

Most women do not use enough blusher, or are afraid of using it at all. This is a pity! There is no other make-up product that can give your complexion an instant, youthful lift and an impression of good health, like blusher. Blusher also enhances the shape of your face and creates a more contoured look and adds natural colour to the face. Make up tips for using blusher.

Bronzing Powder for Instant Sunshine!

The one product that can give us an instant healthy, sun-kissed glow, is bronzer. You want to create a golden, healthy glow to enhance your skin tone, without the harmful effects of traditional tanning? Make up tips for Bronzing Powder

Makeover Your Make-up Bag

If you’re a make-up junkie like me, you will have a make-up drawer full of products that you haven’t used in a long time, or have only used once. For some reason we can’t bear to throw out that super-trendy lipstick colour we bought last season and still haven’t figured out how to wear. The chances are if you haven’t used it within a year, you are most likely never going to use it. Make up Bag Makeover……..Read more

A Classic Bridal Make-up Look

Bridal make up should enhance your features, but still leave you looking like yourself….. just a more perfect, radiant version. Also, there are the wedding photos to think about. It is usually best to keep to a very classic look, as you don’t want to be looking at your photos in 20 years time and wishing you hadn’t gone for the frosty pale pink lipstick and deep tan bronzer! To find out how to get a classic bridal look, click here……..Make up tips for Bridal make-up