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Make Up Lesson Scam


Many so called “Make Up Artist Lessons” are cleverly concealed promos to get you to buy loads of the fantastic products that have just been demonstrated!! Phrases like this are common….

“A full range of “”””Superswish”””” make-up and skin products are available to try and buy from your image consultant during your make-up lesson…”

In other words, the advice you’ve been given may well have been geared to the expensive products they’ll encourage you to buy later on…..ouch!

At a Make Up Lesson with Make Up Artist London, we guarantee we do not promo any product! That’s not our style…

But – we’ll gladly tell you what we think is best for you. Whether it’s from Stila, MAC or Primark – if we think it’s good, we’ll tell you.

Learn professional techniques that will last you a lifetime!

Professional MakeUp Tips

Most girls cannot get enough of products!! Make up boxes galore. Pretty looking tubes and bottles on the dressing table. But its not always essential to break the bank balance.

Sometimes make up companies can lure you in by their pretty expensive looking packaging.

Don’t be fooled……

  • Choose your make up bag staples carefully. It is possible to spend more on one product and cut back on another which, whilst the price tag is lower, will give exactly the same results!
  • If your budget is limited for example….buy a palette of four wearable shades. The shadows can be applied during the day using the softer shades of brown for example and then the same pallette, the darker shades, can be used intensified for a stronger deeper eye colour!
  • Struggling with an eyeliner? Double up and use the darkest shadow in your palette as a liner, damp a flat brush and go all around the eye.
  • The Bobbi Brown brick is a classic make up “must have” for both professionals and novices. How about a product that gives you a blush of colour, a bronzed cheekbone, a highlighted brow and eye colour for the socket…… all in one classic ‘brick’ – in gorgeous packaging we might add!

Do you always get carried away by clever advertising and end up with an array of bottles and lotions that after three uses have gone off?

  • Why not go for the trial minature bottles where possible – a perfect way to test if that product really does do what it says on the packaging!  Shampoos, hairsprays, hand creams.Go minature. Save your pennies.

We see women every week who don’t know how to use their pretty little boxes of blusher… Liner… Lip plump?!! They sit at the bottom of the make up bag.

Thats where professional makeup tips come in to their own!

We have worked on hundreds of faces. Young, old, celebrities, problematic skin, models, impressionable teenagers!  With every client, our mission is to make sure that just one session with us is a worthy investment!

We guarantee that you will feel transformed, beautified and know exactly which products suit you best!

We hear from time to time of ladies that have had a ‘free make over’ at a beauty counter. (It can put many off for life!!) Whilst we are not saying all the sales assistants on the make up counters are “not that good”, clients have complained that, after the assistant had done her job, they felt they looked almost like drag queens!

Make up should sit effortlessly on the individual and merely enhance ones natural looks – not disguise!

Contact us if you need some professional makeup tips or a one-to-one makeup tutorial – or better still, get a few friends together and share the cost.