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Make Up Brushes

The Secrets ….

I remember when I was younger, I sat and watched a professional make up artist and wondered how she chose the right brush from what looked like a suitcase full of brushes.


makeupHow did she know which brush to use and for which part of the face?!

But, wind the tape on some years… when you’ve applied makeup to a few thousand faces….you have your own ground rules..

And mine are fairly simple and straightforward…..

MakeUp Brushes are so important in the application of make up.

All girls should have a good set of brushes to achieve good results. Make up will glide on so much more beautifully and it will last longer than the sticky finger application!

I’m not a fan of sponges as they absorb far too much product. This means that the foundation sinks into the sponge and leaves nothing for the skin! Not only a huge waste but it’s very drying to sweep a sponge across the face.

Try a foundation brush. I can honestly say that everyone that sits in my make up chair sees the amazing results of a good foundation applied with a top class foundation brush! I have converted many lovers of sponges and their fingers to the foundation brush! My favourite foundation brush?

Becca foundation brush is my all time favourite! ….you just can’t go wrong!”

So where do the other makeup brushes come in!? A big round blusher brush is a must for the make up bag! Sweep it all round the face for a bronzed warm glow! Dust off a little of the product on the back of your hand or swirl it around the wrist to get the initial dusty bronzer off, then apply to the cheeks, down the nose (lightly!) and down the neck and chest area for all over colour.

Do you find it hard to draw an eyeline straight? Get yourself a flat angled brush …the shape is done for you!

How do you get the gorgeous smokey eye? Smokey means lots of blending! So get a soft round big eye shadow blending brush. Estee Lauder do one and they call it the blending brush…. You will never struggle on a smoke again!!

Just blend around the eye socket and let the brush do the work!

The lip brush? For the professional make up artist, you have to use a lip brush…for precise application and hygiene! But to be honest! shhhhhh! I know if its your own lipstick you’ll apply it straight from the stick! Sweep it around the lips and pout ladies! If you gloss, then most glosses come with the brush in built! Which I recommend. Glosses = sticky!

Make up brushes need to be washed regularly…
Warm soapy water? Baby wipes? I prefer a professional makeup remover. Either way, clean your brushes, take care of your brushes and they will take care of your make up!

MakeUp – Getting the Right Product

Make Up is primarily used to enhance or improve one’s personal appearance. It is amazing how a persons facial features can appear to dramatically change if make up is applied correctly. It really is true how a lady can look years younger by using just a few products on her skin!

The makeup industry is vast and there are a multitude of products to suit all skin types and problems. The secret to getting the right product for you is to do your research – has the product been out for a while – check the reviews etc. And then you can look in detail at the active ingredients in the products that you are interested in – it’s surprising how the costs vary when the ratio of active ingredients changes!

There are numerous products on the market, the biggest selling being in the beauty cosmetics industry where make up is seen as a tool to make someone look and feel beautiful. From glosses to blushers, mascaras to foundations, cosmetics is big business. Even in times of economic down turn a lady will always find a little money to buy herself a lipstick! Its the feel good factor through and through!!! and the cleverly designed, beautiful packaging can also have an alluring effect on make up junkies throughout the world!

Aside from beauty there are lots of other uses and needs for make up. Its popular for fancy dress to create fictional characters,animals or blood and gore! It is also used by people who have been disfigured to camouflage their burns, scars or birthmarks.

Finally, don’t think of cosmetics being just for women………Mens cosmetics are on the increase with many brands opting for mens ranges to satisfy the growing trend for men to look groomed.

So whether you need to update your look, dazzle on a night out, paint your kid as a tiger or fake a black eye! There will most definitely be a make up product out there for you!